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            Why choose Rongxu recision hardware?

            Try our best to create a customized scheme of aluminum alloy model for you.

            • Twenty years of concentration


              Rong Xu has complete supporting facilities and profound strength.

              One-stop aluminum alloy shell CNC production and processing services, to drawings and samples can be customized, strictly according to the drawing proofing. Rongxu has a technical and marketing team with more than 20 years of industry experience, complete and scientific quality management system and perfect testing equipment.

            • Professional quality inspection team


              Expert team strength research and development, provide technical support

              Rongxu team has more than 20 years of experience in scientific research and production, anticipates in advance to ensure that there are no defects in mass production, provides technical guarantee for continuously optimizing product production and improving product quality, and also provides customers with more intimate and accurate product customization services.

            • Professional quality inspection team


              Rong Xu's products have passed many certifications and can be trusted.

              Professional quality inspection personnel, many years of experience in quality control, strictly control product quality and strive for excellence; provide follow-up surface treatment services, including polishing, drawing, oxidation and baking paint, etc.; the company has passed ISO 9001VO2000 quality system certification and strict implementation to ensure quality.

            • High-quality service in the whole process


              After-sales follow-up in all aspects, and strive to provide you with quality service.

              Pre-factory compliance inspection to ensure the quality of each product, Shun Feng free delivery to your hands; our company has a perfect after-sales service system, 7x24 hours online fast response, by professional engineers to solve technical problems for you in time.

            Company strength


            Senior team


            Quality certification


            After-sales service


            Rong Xu's Core advantages

            Try our best to create a customized scheme of aluminum alloy model for you.

            Production traceability

            Production traceability


            ISO quality certification, performance in line with international standards, factory qualified rate of 99%; traceability control procedures, product quality traceability; multi-layer quality inspection process, strict prosecution from raw materials, production, performance, appearance, etc.
            The cost is strictly controlled

            The cost is strictly controlled


            Factory direct sales, reduce turnover rate, protect customer interests; fully automatic production equipment to optimize processes, save 30% of labor; long-term cooperation with many suppliers to reduce costs from the source
            Process optimization to ensure timely delivery

            Process optimization to ensure timely delivery


            Adequate inventory, long-term inventory of more than 1000kk; spot supply of common materials, cold door materials are produced; 15067.26m2 plant, more than 300 production team, 360 to 24 hours operation
            Ensure timely after-sales response

            Ensure timely after-sales response


            Pre-prevention complaint mechanism, standardize service standards; timely response, rapid resolution, the implementation of complaint management mechanism; product follow-up and return visit to serve customers for life

            Solve solution customization

            Every step needs to be confirmed layer by layer to ensure that there is no error in the forming of the handboard.

            Customized Consultation
            free Customization

            • 01


            • 02


            • 03


            • 04


            • 08


            • 07


            • 06


            • 05



            Company advantage

            20 years of experience in professional R & D technical team, to provide you with quality products and perfect technical services, advanced testing equipment and perfect quality inspection system to protect your products, solve problems and avoid worries at the same time!

            Product advantage

            Using imported raw materials, the products are tested by SGS international standards body, certified by IOS9001 and IOS14001 management system, and give priority to product quality, so that the products can meet the standard quality requirements.

            Free advice on rectification and reform

            Word-of-mouth comes from the witness of successful customers.



            Rongxu Precision hardware was established in August 2015, committed to smart hardware shell CNC customization. Our predecessor is an honored precision mold processing factory founded in 1999, eng...

            • 1999year

              Founded in
            • 20+

              Honorary qualification
            • 50+

              Existing staff

            Product quality Strict control

            To provide you with one-stop customized services for R & D, production and sales.


            Surface treatment process to meet your needs

            Bright surface, delicate touch, matte texture, durable, can be customized according to customer industry needs

            • OIL INJECTION — 噴油 —

              Profound strength One-stop production and processing service
            • OXIDIZATION — 氧化 —

              Profound strength One-stop production and processing service
            • SATIN — 拉絲 —

              Profound strength One-stop production and processing service
            • LASER CARVING — 鐳雕 —

              Profound strength One-stop production and processing service
            • SANDBLASTING — 噴砂 —

              Profound strength One-stop production and processing service
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